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Since 2011, Probo LLC has organized its activities in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the testing of its products. This includes the initial tests of various telecommunications equipment and devices, light industry and household, as well as furniture and accessories. Since 2020, its activity has been expanded in accordance with the accreditation field and has begun to carry out certification of products. At present,it is the body in the country that carries out both testing and certification of electrical,industrial and telecommunications means on electromagnetic compatibility, radio frequency and safety standards.

Useful Information
Advantages of obtaining certificates for products from" PROBO " LLC certification body

1. Simplified implementation of the process of export of goods to and from the territory of the country in accordance with the legislation;
2. Creating conditions for consumers to choose quality products;
3. Protect consumers from quality products;
4. Lack of administrative responsibility in cases of state control (inspection);
5. Possibility of import and sale of products produced by foreign companies;

Certification (in Latin “sertifico” – I certify) is a procedure for writing confirmation of compliance of the product with the requirements laid down by the official body, regardless of the manufacturer and the consumer.

Certificate of Conformity – a document certifying whether the object meets the technical regulations, provisions of standards and regulations, the terms of the contract.

Certification is also the process of obtaining a certificate.

Certification includes:

  • products;
  • services;
  • management system;
  • staff.

The rules for certification of products are regulated by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 343.

During the certification of products, the following can be performed as required:

Legislative acts of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

State standards (as well as interstate and international standards recognized in the Republic of Azerbaijan), sanitary norms and rules, construction norms and rules, safety norms and other documents put forward by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan absolute requirements for the product.

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